The Ocet is a practitioner of fluid control solutions.
In various processes such as chemical, petrochemical, refining, it requires precise control. The Yingott has developed high quality control valves and ball valves, butterfly valve products to achieve safety and efficient process control.
In the development and production process, we insist on close cooperation with our customers, so that our products are constantly optimized to meet the actual engineering needs. With strong technical and equipment, the company has established a highly specialized maintenance team with highly specialized technology, which can solve the problem from installation and commissioning to centralized maintenance and special fault processing. Problems.
The Yingott's products use modular design to meet specific working conditions, enabling control valves to adapt to the most difficult demand in harsh conditions. In addition, modular design reduces the cost of spare parts, installation, and maintenance, making important total cost savings.
Yingott provides an industrial control valve one-stop solution that can be configured with electric, pneumatic, and electric hydraulic and other actuators, and the performance is reliable within the control range.
Industry solutions
PST part stroke test system
Tank nitrogen sealing system
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be applied to Chemical Industry Industry products
Modular control valve
Rotary valve
Valve Actuator
Positioning cylinder
Pneumatic control cabinet, control valve plate and integrated control scheme
Special Control Device
Tank safety accessories
Explosion-proof solenoid valves
Intelligent system, intelligent instrument
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