Introduction is a practitioner of fluid control solutions.
Our comprehensive supply capacity, production capacity, and implementation experience from system design to piping components will help your automation equipment to run smarter and more reliably.
With many years of experience in providing support for various production lines, we have a deep understanding of technical process difficulties, standards and industry specifications, and provide you with excellent technical support so that you can make decisions. We will design solutions for your applications—improvements. Efficiency and performance, reduce downtime, save energy, simplify the supply chain, and reduce machine complexity.
Deliver value-added benefits to all industries-including automated factories, equipment, machine tools and other process industries. Our high-performance products cover: pneumatic actuators, modular control valves, electric/pneumatic control cabinets, control valve boards, positioning cylinders, PLC fluid control systems, special pneumatic control devices and a wealth of pneumatic fluid control solutions for various industries.
We know that technical reliability is an element of success. Not only can we provide solutions to improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers' equipment, but our fast sales also ensure that we can provide timely, complete, precise, and reliable high-quality products and after-sales service anytime, anywhere.
Customized control solutions: From conceptual design to commissioning support, IMI precision fluid technology's expertise in customized electrical automatic control systems will surely bring you many advantages.
Industry solutions
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be applied to Modern Automation Industry Industry products
Modular control valve
Rotary valve
Valve Actuator
Positioning cylinder
Pneumatic control cabinet, control valve plate and integrated control scheme
Special Control Device
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