High precision pneumatic controller

As the core component of the pneumatic adjustment control system, the high-precision pneumatic control instrument is widely used in automatic control and adjustment of the production process. It integrates the functions of a given unit, a display unit, and a regulator. Compare the measurement signal sent by the transmitter with the given signal, and amplify the obtained deviation signal according to a certain regulation law, and then output a corresponding control signal to command the actuator, so as to maintain the adjusted parameters at the given level. Fixed value.

Features and advantages

It works based on the principle of torque balance, uses the feedback force to compare on the lever to achieve proportional adjustment control, and uses the resistance-capacitance link in series to obtain the integral effect on the feedback circuit.
It has good performance among existing regulators. Compact structure, reliable work, precise adjustment and sensitive response.
Proportional action can speed up the control process and reduce dynamic deviation; while integral action can eliminate residuals. The proportional and integral parameters can be adjusted in a wide range.
Optimal control parameters-make the adjustment system in an optimal working state.
Principle of torque balance: due to small displacement, small friction loss, fast response, compact structure, strong anti-interference ability-high precision and high sensitivity.
The adjustment device for the given value and the "manual" output signal is designed based on the principle of torque balance. The output signal is amplified by two-stage power, and the adjustment is sensitive, high precision, and stable performance.

The main technical parameters
Project Parameters Project Parameters
Adjustment function PI (proportional integral adjustment) input/output pressure 0.02~0.1MPa
Proportional band 5%~500% Accuracy level ±1%
Integration re-adjustment time 0.03~50min Interface thread 8×NPT1/8
Air source 0.14MPa Protection level IP54
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