High-precision pneumatic pressure transmitter

High-precision pneumatic pressure transmitter, as the transmitter unit in the pneumatic control system, is widely used in the automatic control and adjustment of the production process to measure the pressure of liquids, steam and other gases , Negative pressure and absolute pressure, convert these physical quantities into 0.02~0.1MPa (0.2~1bar) standard air pressure signals proportional to them, and send them to other units for display or adjustment according to the needs of the system.

Features and advantages

Principle of torque balance: due to small displacement, small friction loss, fast response, compact structure, strong anti-interference ability-high precision and high sensitivity.

The main technical parameters
Project Parameters Project Parameters
Nominal diameter DN80 Basic error ±1%
Work pressure PN25 Sensitivity ±0.1%
Air pressure 0.14MPa Output signal 0.02~0.1MPa
Measuring range 0~0.4MPa Interface thread 2×NPT1/4
0~2.0MPa Protection level IP54
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