Pneumatic pulse pressure regulator

Pneumatic pulse pressure regulator is usually used as the external given unit of the regulator in the pneumatic control system. It consists of a reversible pneumatic pulse motor and a pressure regulator, which pass through two 0.14MPa pneumatic Pulse signal, two-way control of the "increase" and "decrease" of the output pressure signal, the output signal is sent to the regulator as a given value.

Features and advantages

High precision, high sensitivity, complete functions, reliability, durability and convenience
Principle of torque balance: due to small displacement, small friction loss, fast response, compact structure, strong anti-interference ability-high precision and high sensitivity.

The main technical parameters
Project pressure Parameters
Adjustment range 0~0.14MPa
Adjust the frequency 1Hz
Air pressure 0.14MPa
Pulse control signal 0.14MPa
Single pulse pressure adjustment range 0.0003~0.007MPa-0.003~0.07bar
Repeat accuracy ≤2%
Interface thread M5, NPT1/8
Protection level Ip54
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