Shield machine air automatic pressure maintaining test system

The shield machine air automatic pressure-holding test system is a special equipment designed and developed by our company for the calibration, performance test and evaluation of the shield machine’s air automatic pressure-holding system and key components. Its main functions are as follows:
①Simulate the actual working status of the automatic air pressure holding system of the shield machine, observe the changes of various related parameters, and analyze the law of change.
②Verify the design scheme of the automatic air pressure holding system of the shield machine, and provide data support for the design and development of the system.
③Individual calibration and calibration of each core component.
④ Conduct comparative tests on the core components of the pressure holding system to provide experimental data for system optimization and analysis.
⑤ Carry out the step response of the system (static performance test), and evaluate the static operating characteristics of the system.
⑥ Carry out disturbance test (dynamic performance test) by adding disturbance to the system to evaluate the dynamic performance of the system.

The main technical parameters
Project Parameters Project Parameters
Main road path DN50 Measurement accuracy of electronic pressure sensor Level 0.1
Main line pressure rating PN16 Pressure digital display accuracy 0.001bar
Measurement accuracy of pressure gauge Level 0.25/Level 1.0 Power supply 220V AC
Flowmeter measurement accuracy Level 0.5 Programmable controller S7-200 SMART

Test parameters
Name Unit Attributes
Warehouse pressure bar Detection
Transmission range bar Settings
Transmitting signal bar Detection
Transmission pressure bar Calculation
Set signal bar Detection
Set pressure bar Calculation
Output signal bar Detection
Intake air flow nm3/h Detection
Exhaust air flow nm3/h Detection
Disturbance flow nm3/h Detection
Disturbance opening % Settings
Actual opening % Feedback
Real-time deviation bar Calculation/Analysis
Settling time s Analysis
pressure peak/valley bar Static analysis
Peak pressure bar Dynamic analysis
pressure valley bar Dynamic analysis

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