DYF-100 fixed number and quantitative ventilation valve
Scope of application

The self-developed DYF-100 fixed and quantitative ventilation valve [national patent number: ZL 2019 2 1754323.4] is used in closed breathing ventilation for medical oxygen cabins, diving cabins and shield manned cabins system.

Gas requirements for air pressure transition cabin

A. The oxygen concentration value should be greater than 19% and less than or equal to 25%.
B. The concentration of carbon dioxide should not exceed 1.5% (or the partial pressure of carbon should not exceed 1kpa).
C. The gas concentration value does not exceed 1%.


1. According to the gas analysis instrument in the cabin and the number of people in the cabin, observe the fixed plate number (indicating the number of people), adjust the opening of the valve, and effectively control the gas emission in the cabin, so as to make the fresh air supply It should be at least 50 liters/min per person.
2. It solves the technical problem that the opening degree of traditional valves (such as ball valves and stop valves) is difficult to control, and it is easy to cause insufficient or excessive oxygen supply.
3. According to the gas requirements of the air pressure transition cabin, the change of air exchange pressure is controllable (±0.05 bar), and the air exchange rate is controllable (adjustable within the range of 0.04bar/min ~ 0.8bar/min).
4. According to the gas analysis instrument in the cabin and the number of people in the cabin, it is easy to operate, accurate in quantification, safe and reliable.

Performance characteristics

1. Unique soft sealing structure, high-performance sealing material.
2. The leakage level is high, reaching ANSI B16.104VI.
3. Visual adjustment, flexible adjustment knob, high adjustment accuracy.

Installation location

Take the shield cabin as an example. The front panel of the cabin is equipped with 2 sets of fixed and quantitative air exchange valves to realize the air exchange in the main cabin and the auxiliary cabin to ensure the fresh air in the cabin. Rotate the valve clockwise, the valve opens to set the air exchange rate, and rotate the valve counterclockwise to close the valve.

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