E series high performance modular control valve
Control valve manufacturing range

Cost advantage

◎The improvement of the versatility of parts and components leads to low maintenance costs;
◎Double-sided usable valve seat extends the service life;
◎Excellent and reasonable structure design prolongs the overhaul period of the valve.

High reliability

◎The proven valve trim combination ensures ideal flow conditions;
◎The spring preloaded stem sealing structure reduces the possibility of stuffing box leakage;
◎The innovative valve seat self-centering structure is a reliable guarantee for leakage requirements.

Customized according to needs

◎Modularization of functional structure is the basis for forming a reasonable product family;
◎The formation of product family is the basis for rapid product deployment;
◎Driven by customer demand, quick response can be obtained through modular product configuration;
◎The flexible selection of a variety of valve positioners and control accessories ensures that the product is cost-effective.

Structural features
Valve internal component structure
Sealing structure of upper bonnet and stem

Maintenance-free V-PTFE sealing structure (standard type with micro-sealed unit)

The packing assembly is composed of sealing elements of different materials, and is pre-tightened by a corrosion-resistant spring. The main seal adopts a V-PTFE type sealing ring.

Graphite packing seal structure

The packing assembly adopts a layer-by-layer pre-compression method to control the packing compression force during assembly to ensure uniform force on the packing assembly and reduce the risk of leakage.

The structure of the upper valve cover of the bellows seal

The bellows sealing structure is used in occasions where the stem leakage is not allowed. For safety reasons, the structure includes a set of standard packing components (V-PTFE). An internal threaded through hole can be selected between the bellows seal and the packing for leak detection, relief or ventilation.

Low temperature extension type

Under low temperature conditions, there must be sufficient distance between the valve body and the actuator. The thin-walled design of the insulating chamber and the stem extension can reduce heat conduction, avoid energy loss and stuffing box icing.

High temperature heat sink type

When the operating temperature is above 250°C, the multiple fin-type upper valve cover with graphite packing will dissipate heat, thus ensuring that the packing will not be damaged by overheating. Under more extreme conditions, the specially designed fin-type upper valve cover can still ensure that the temperature in the stuffing box does not exceed 450°C.

Stem sealing form and temperature resistance range

Optional actuator
Basic parameters of E series

Standard configuration of trim material

Approximate comparison table of trim material

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