Yingudat is the practitioner of fluid control solutions.
The Yingott as a professional manufacturer of aerodynamic actories, from the user's on-site needs, continuous innovation of aerodynamic actuators and control technology. Based on the power plant project, especially the equipment applied to the equipment on the 300MW, 600MW subuniter and 600MW and above supercritical units, main process points are power plant boiler burners, coal mill, flue gas baffles, desulfurization, turbine bypass and nitrogen Adjustment of the wind box heating valve in the oxygenated reducing control system.
Over the years, the Olyter has established long-term ODM cooperation in the Boiler production plant, power plant damper production plant and power plant valve enterprises, and continuously bringing new products and new technologies to the majority of users.

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We not only provide products, we also provide you with all kinds of damper executive agency switching or adjustment control schemes and integrated control systems.
- Long - travel aerodynamic actuator
- Box pneumatic actuator
- Quick action
- Control requirements for emergency situations
- Manual operation / fault processing / various types of control schemes under emergencies
- Splitted remote control
- Technical support and services
Training, experienced sales and technicians provide technical and solutions for our customers to meet any driver requirements.

Industry solutions
Minimum flow valve control scheme
High / low-side valve control scheme
Splitted remote control
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be applied to Power Industry Industry products
Modular control valve
Rotary valve
Valve Actuator
Positioning cylinder
Pneumatic control cabinet, control valve plate and integrated control scheme
Special Control Device
Valve And Actuator Service Technology
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