Yingudat is the practitioner of fluid control solutions.
The reasonable utilization of water resources in irrigation district has always been the key to developing water-saving agriculture. How can I achieve water distribution, scientific scheduling and information management in irrigation district, and realize reasonable configuration of water resources, and improve the utilization of water resources?
Yingudat is a practical problem of China's northern region, multi-slut, water source, and water-saving, and the total thinking, monitoring and enhancement of information level, combined with wireless sensing, computer, micro Electronic, power saving, Internet of Things communication, anti-theft defense damage and other technology integrated innovation, developing "intelligent measurement and control integration gate". Intelligent measurement and control integration brake is an automated irrigation device that is integrated in the integrated flow meter and control gate. The device is integrated, high-precision gate control, solar drive, and wireless communication functions. Solve the multi-sediment in the northern region, the water source, the channel water level flow measurement is not accurate, the data acquisition is not timely, the water supply scheduling is difficult, and the water supply and early warning capacity is worse.
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