Based on years of service experience in power plants, refineries and petrochemical companies, Inauto knows what you face:
Stable and reliable working time is the most critical factor in process control. What users need is the normal running time of each valve actuator, the least downtime, and less maintenance, replacement and repair time to achieve control of the process medium. .
According to the operating requirements of the process equipment, various control requirements are put forward for the key valves. From pneumatic actuators and digital positioners, traditional positioners to I/P converters, the product, design, manufacturing, and service processes provided by Invote realize high-precision and stable control of valves, which are critical to achieving operational goals important.
The heavy-duty pneumatic actuator customized according to customer requirements and interfaces is especially suitable for harsh working occasions, and is suitable for gate valves, globe valves, regulating valves and other types of open-stem straight-stroke valves.

How can Inauto help you?
We not only provide products, we also provide you with various actuator switches or adjustment control solutions and integrated control systems.
−Heavy-duty pneumatic pneumatic actuator
−Quick valve action
−Control requirements for valve emergency situations
−Various control schemes under manual operation/fault handling/emergency situations
−On-site pneumatic actuator and control system transformation
−Technical support and service
Since 2006, Inotech has designed and produced heavy-duty pneumatic actuators and control systems. It has rich experience and systems in valve driving and strict quality standards, especially for critical, demanding and complex industrial applications. It can provide suitable installation in harsh , Reliable products in corrosive environment, salty atmosphere, high or low ambient temperature and high vibration.
Inotech works closely with end users and valve manufacturers to continuously obtain new market demands from end user sites, maintain production and update valve drive technology that adapts to various working conditions.
Well-trained and experienced sales and technical personnel provide customers with technology and solutions to meet any driving requirements.
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