INAUTECH -Pneumatic fluid control technology expert

INAUTECH Is a dedicated to pneumatic fluid control technology and product development, manufacturing and sales of professional service manufacturers.
No matter electrical or pure pneumatic control requirements, we can provide customers with integrated and systematic pneumatic drive control solutions Especially good at key applications with high requirements for equipment reliability, process integrity and plant safety.


*Fluid control solutions to meet customer needs.
*From system design to comprehensive supply of pipeline components.
*Ensure the safety and reliability of equipment matching, project design and implementation.
*Commitment to comprehensive research, exchange, debugging, training and other on-site services.

INAUTECH product

Our high performance products include: pneumatic actuator, modular control valve, electrical or pneumatic control cabinet, control valve plate, positioning cylinder, PLC fluid control system, pure pneumatic control system, special pneumatic control devices.

INAUTECH ability

Mechanical technology + pneumatic technology + electronic sensing technology + PLC system technology, so as to realize the combination of electrical and adapt to the highly automated pneumatic control system.
To meet the functional requirements of the component production and complete, systematic supply.

INAUTECH Continuous innovation

Through deep insight into the industry and continuous attention to enterprise needs, our products can not only solve customers' problems, but also help customers analyze some potential problems and meet some special needs in the industry.

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